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  • Prepare: an Elevator Pitch and set lasting first impressions.
  • Prepare: your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter.
  • Assess: your skill set. Identify gaps and your proficiency or expertise level.
  • Learn: get pointers to resources to learn or improve an important skill.
  • Practice: give mock interviews.
  • Learn: how to discuss current and negotiate future compensation.

Our Features

Direct Access to Experts

Search and select from a galaxy of highly-rated experts, coaches & leaders.

One on One

1:1 interaction for a personalized response suited for your situation.

Free Access

For certain services and promotions, get free access to industry leaders, best in class experts and peers

Earn, Help and Give Back

Become a mentor to a high potential professional. Help others with your experience and knowledge. Earn money (coming soon) or points to gain sessions for yourself.

Secure and Confidential

Anonymous interactions without having to reveal your identity, phone or email.

Privacy Options

Set privacy to level you are comfortable with. Full control on details revealed to expert during a session.


In-app Voice & Messaging

Interact with experts within the app conveniently at touch of a button without sharing phone numbers or emails.



Conduct your sessions from your mobile and tablet device (iOS, Android), laptop ang desktop using Chrome web browser.

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Our Blog

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